The Israeli occupation continues to inflict retaliatory strikes on Palestinian civilians, in violation of all international covenants and norms that prohibit revenge and retaliation operations in wars, while the Palestinian people, with their armed factions and civilians, continue to underline the most wonderful epics of steadfastness and their adherence to the right to land and freedom in the face of the brutal attack of the occupier.

3 large towers have been targeted so far, in a clear policy aimed at displacing civilians in the besieged Gaza as a pressure on the Palestinian people. It is a single policy of displacement and the destruction of homes and unites the Palestinian people in their suffering, from Lod to Hebron to Haifa to Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan in Jerusalem to Gaza. The policy of aggression that is filled with hatred, racism and brutality against the Palestinians everywhere in their land, bad in Gaza, in the West Bank, or in the occupied interior, where no one imagined that his people would revolt against the state that presents itself as looking after their interests, made the open front one and the circle of conflict much wider. Than what the occupation wanted.

The occupation, which always seeks to spread separation between the Palestinian people, to invest in discord and to single out each side separately, did not succeed this time because of the Palestinians ’great awareness of its plots that are now exposed.

The rockets that launch from Gaza in victory for Jerusalem pass over the West Bank, so its people meet it with takbeer and cheer, and fall inside the occupied and sometimes near Palestinian homes. May 15 That hope is very great for a return and liberation.

The death toll from the aggression until midnight today, Wednesday, reached 65 Palestinian martyrs, including 16 children and 5 women. As for the wounded, they numbered nearly 500, including about 100 children and 50 women.

The towers that were targeted in the sector, Hanadi Tower, Al-Shorouk Tower, and Al-Jawhara Tower, the total of which were more than 200 housing units that were settled on the ground. While the occupation directed at midnight on Wednesday an ultimatum to evacuate Al-Qafari Tower, there has been no news yet of its targeting.

Inside the Palestinian territories, the harbingers of a real uprising are taking place in the cities of Lod and Hebron, and occupied villages have become completely outside the control of the occupation, which required a visit from the Prime Minister, an insertion of the army and the imposition of a curfew in them. A curfew was not adhered to by the city’s residents, who insisted on confronting the occupation forces, no matter how big the difference in strength.

Zionist settlers are getting more brutal than their usual brutality in targeting Palestinians, as settler attacks increased against safe civilians in their homes and businesses, and pictures of settlers shooting randomly from cars at Palestinian homes, businesses, and neighborhoods have increased in the occupied interior. The army and the occupation authorities are trying to present themselves as separate from the settlers and want to calm them down, in a policy that seeks to win over the Palestinians, but the youth’s uprising awareness is too great for such games to deceive them. On Wednesday evening, settlers surrounded the Great Mosque of Lod as they tried to storm it, while the Palestinians were heading towards it to defend it, amid fierce confrontations taking place in the surrounding streets.

The clashes are described as a civil war, but it is not like that at all. Palestine is a Palestinian people. As for the Israelis, they are an invading occupier and a racist settler who is not from the people of Palestine and was never like that. It is not necessary to be dragged behind the wrong labels in which it relinquishes the description of the occupation as its true nature. What is happening in Palestine today is a real liberation battle, the fire of which has spread throughout the occupied homeland.

The Israeli media plays a dirty role in spreading strife among the people of Palestine, holding the victims responsible for what the Israeli criminal machinery is doing against them, as if the people have forgotten that the occupation that expels people from their homes and seeks to control Al-Aqsa and targets Palestinians in their cars and at checkpoints, killing women and children before men and youth. A criminal who deserves punishment and an occupier who deserves action to confront and expel him.

Strenuous efforts began to be made to reach a truce after the Palestinian resistance embarrassed Tel Aviv and the weak Netanyahu government before the whole world, a truce that the factions have so far rejected, except with clear conditions that include protecting Jerusalem and the neighborhoods of Sheikh Jarrah and Al-Aqsa.

The resistance establishes equations in defending Palestine all of Palestine, and says that its ability to confront is in the service of all the Palestinian people and that it is ready from the besieged and vulnerable Gaza to sacrifice for the sake of the Jerusalemites whom the occupation thought had no backs, so it began to abuse them and seek to expel and displace them.

Among the most important things that happen today is the broad international solidarity surrounding the occupation entity everywhere, which showed the extent of the clarity of the Palestinian right among the peoples of the world and their artistic, cultural and political elites, from those who have not been contaminated with blood and money deals with the criminal occupation. Demonstrations in solidarity with Palestine spread throughout the world in Arab, European, American, Asian and African capitals. Everyone cheers: Freedom for Palestine.