To Maroun e-Ras the women headed, but the destination was Al-Quds Al-Sharif. As for the goal, it was solidarity with Palestine and Al-Quds in the face of the American decision.

The Liberation Promise convoy, consisting of Lebanese and Palestinian women, set out yesterday from the Lebanese capital of Beirut. They gathered and set off in a motorcade towards the first stop of the martyr Amer Kalakash’s Triangle between Khiam and Kafrkela.

There, the participants carried Palestinian flags and placards about the occasion. Meanwhile, the enemy’s vehicles moved, but the women did not care and set off balloons with the colors of the Palestinian flag.

The second stop of the Liberation Promise convoy was in Maroun e-Ras.

It is noteworthy that the women participating in the convoy chanted slogans that “Al-Quds will remain the eternal capital of Palestine” and that there was “no option to liberate it other than resistance”.