Today, the forces of the usurping entity stormed the city of Jenin at dawn, where clashes erupted with resistance fighters, which led to the martyrdom of Salah al-Buraiki, 19 years old, and the wounding of 4 others, one of whom is in critical condition. It is reported that Salah has shown solidarity with the martyr Uday Al-Tamimi, by shaving his hair.


In Al-Quds, Palestinians responded to the call of the “Great Dawn”, which was launched from the city of Hebron in 2019, in rejection of the repeated attacks by settlers in an attempt to Judaize it, and this initiative was transferred to Al-Aqsa Mosque and various cities of the West Bank. Furthermore, dozens of mosques in the West Bank witnessed the revival of “the Great Dawn” under the title (Dawn of the Martyrs), most notably the Al-Nasr Mosque in Nablus, where thousands of worshipers attended the mosques to perform the prayer.