The municipality of the city of Agadir, central Morocco, has named Palestinian names on 40 streets .

The Agadir municipal council, led by the Justice and Development Party (AKP), has approved the release of names such as Jerusalem, Hebron and Beit Hanoun, and other Palestinian names on the streets of the Jerusalem neighbourhood in the city .

“The launch of these Palestinian names on the Agadir alleys is an expression of the solidarity of the Moroccan people and their elected institutions with the Palestinian cause,” said Aziz Ahnawi, head of the Moroccan Observatory Against Normalization.

He said in an interview with Anadol that this step represents the embodiment of the Moroccan and Amazigh free character involved in the defense of Palestine. He added that “the choice of the city of Agadir to launch these names comes in response to raising the flag and the Zionist anthem in the city.” The city of Agadir witnessed last March, raising the flag, “Israel”, during the events of the International Grand Prix judo, which saw the participation of nine players, “Israeli”, which sparked widespread anger among the anti-normalization in the country.