In honor of the heroic athletes who refused normalization with the Zionist entity and rather lose titles and championships to shaking hands with the enemy, the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine launched the “International Forum to Honor Anti-Normalization Athletes” under the slogan “Al-Quds Golden Medal”. It is a ceremony to honor the heroic athletes who withdrew from international and regional tournaments objecting the presence of “Israeli” players or teams, in response to the normalization approach that turned into an open war targeting the roots of the Palestinian cause, which seeks to open the doors of our societies to the enemy to distort awareness and tamper with the minds of young people. Confronting normalization has become a direct defense of national dignity and sovereignty, as well as a form of defending Palestine and supporting its resistant people. Accordingly, GCRP took this initiative to revive the confrontation process, and to honor the brave athletes who paid the price for their stances and their withdrawal, whether by facing dismissal from international tournaments or being deprived of important medals and valuable prizes.

Therefore, the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine opens the door for registration and nomination of the anti-normalization athletes to be honored and awarded “Al-Quds Golden Medal”. The door is open for athletes and sports fans to submit their candidacies for each participant who withdrew from an official international tournament, provided that they meet the aforementioned conditions and that the player withdrew in the years 2019/2020/2021. Submission closes in the first week of January 2022.

To nominate contact us at:

+961 81 828 926