The Rawassy Palestine Center for Culture and Arts, in cooperation with the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine and with the participation of a large number of Palestinian and free Arab youth, launched an international media campaign under the title of #No__Squandering_of_Palestine to underline the right of the Palestinian people to their land and to strengthen their steadfastness on the local and international levels.

The Campaign Activities:
– Organizing media meetings and workshops in the information faculties of Palestinian and Arab universities on how to support Al-Quds at the media level.

– Production of visual material that entrenches the Palestinian right and the Arab and Palestinian youth’s presence for Palestine.

– Having the Arab Street participate through the distribution of publications and brochures to raise the awareness concerning the seriousness of the stage that the Palestinian people is experiencing.

– Organizing an international day of blogging and tweeting through social networking sites under the Hashtag #No__Squandering_of_Palestine.

Participating Countries:
Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Tunisia, Jordan, Egypt, Yemen, Algeria, Sudan, Libya, Morocco, Turkey and other countries.

Campaign Launch:
The campaign activities will begin on February 20, 2018 starting with the launch of local and international media workshops, distribution of posters and stickers in Arab streets, and end with an international tweeting campaign through social networking sites at 2.30 pm, March 1 under the Hashtag #No__Squandering_of_Palestine.