Brothers and sisters, members of the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine and friends of Palestine around the world
It is a time for solidarity by all available means, and to raise our voice in the face of the horrible crimes committed by the Zionist entity.
Today we are facing a new aggression against Gaza, which is added to the series of Zionist barbaric attacks. An aggression in which the criminality of the usurping entity’s army is repeated, which aircraft deliberately bombards homes, kills women and children, and anyone who might be reached by its blind weapons of destruction.
Dear fellows:
We, in the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine, call upon all members and friends to carry out the duty of solidarity with the Palestinian people in Gaza by all means possible, and to work to convey their message to the world, and to expose the reality of the unjust aggression against them.
The children of Gaza and all its people deserve a sincere stand with them.
Let us all be responsible and supportive.
The Global Campaign to Return to Palestine will be with you to coordinate and cover your solidarity activities, and to convey your messages to the world, especially to the steadfast people of Gaza.

Best regards,