The Fourth International Forum for Solidarity with Palestine was initiated at 7 pm Sunday, March 11 with an opening ceremony that included messages of solidarity with the steadfast Palestinian people delivered by a number of the participating personalities.

Among the aforementioned personalities was the Mufti of Al-Quds and the Palestinian Homeland Sheikh Mohammed Hussein who described Al-Quds as “a creed, a civilization and the City of Cities”, pointing out that Muslims direct themselves to the holy city with their hearts, especially as it is the site where the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) had his Nightly Journey, while Christians head there because it is home of the Church of Resurrection.

Al-Quds and Palestine are lands of steadfastness, garrison, martyrs, prisoners, the garrison people, the steadfast people, he said, thanking “the Global Campaign for organizing such conferences and forums in order to enlighten the faithful and the free people of the world, besides enhancing the national spirit within them.”

The Mufti underlined that “Al-Quds will triumph with its people and friends,” describing the recent US decision regarding the Palestinian capital as violation against international conventions and breach of the UN Charter.